GUIITAR Robotics & Home Automation Workshop 

Three days workshop on Robotics & Home Automation was successfully organized by GSFC University Incubation, Innovation, Technology & Applied Research Centre (GUIITAR) at GSFC University, Vadodara during 9th -11th November 2019.

Mr. Shyamal Joshi, Sr. Research Associate, Techkritya Eduvemture LLP, Jaipur and Mr. Yashy Tak, Sr. Research Associate, Techkritya Eduvemture LLP, Jaipur mentored 63 GSFCU  students across engineering, Science and management streams.

Day 1 of the workshop covered basics of Software installation, Micro-controller, Programming Led blink and patterns in robotics and automation.  Interfacing of light sensor, IR Sensor and ultrasonic sensor, Automaton street light, Laser security system Burglar and fire alarm and Automatic Door was taught. Students made their own circuits under the guidance of trainers.

Day 2 of workshop students were taught the basics of Robot designing, assembling of a basic bot, construction and working of a line following robot, Obstacle avoid-er robot, Edge detector robot, Fire fighting robot Bluetooth Interfacing and Bluetooth controlled Bot.

Day 3 training was given on Automatic irrigation system using soil moisture sensor, Interfacing water pump module, Interfacing Relay Module, Home automation using Bluetooth, App development for home automation system, Voice Controlled Automation, App development for voice Automation.

A competition was held at the end of the workshop in which students were asked to make a Bluetooth controlled robot which can be controlled by a single key and Divyesh Menghani & Team secured first position, Shridhar Patel & team secured second position and Arshad Saiyed & team secured third place in this competition.

Dr. Nikhil Zaveri, Provost, GSFC University, Mr. R. B. Panchal, Registrar and Mr. Atul Dholkiya, Deputy Director awarded these students with shield, certificate, pen drives and coffee mugs post their stellar performance.

One complete robotic kit was provided to each group of Four registered Students.  Kit included Arduino Uno, Programming Cable, Light sensor, IR sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor, Bluetooth Module, Laser Diode, Connecting Wires, Bread Board (400Pins), Robotics Kit with Motors and Wheels, Motor Driver L293d, LEDs, Water Pump Module, Relay Module, Bulb and Holder.

All the registered students were awarded participation certificates.

The success of the workshop reflected in students enthusiastically attending all the 3 day workshop even on Sunday.

It remains our endeavor to conduct similar training workshops for students to learn and build.


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