Leveraging the Intellectual Property Rights

  • Date, Time and Venue of the Activity: 04:00 to 05:30 P.M., GUIITAR Council, GSFC University, Vadodara

  • Speakers and Guests: Ms. Gopi Trivedi, Sr. Partner, Y. J. Trivedi & Co.

    • Ms. Gopi Trivedi is a Computer Engineer, a Registered Patent Agent and a Bachelor of Law. She is a Senior Partner at Y. J. Trivedi & Co. an esteemed Law firm providing specialized services in the area of Intellectual Property Rights, since five decades; and heads its Patent Division. Adding to this, she also holds CPVA (Certified Patent Valuation Analyst).

    • Her wide knowledge in various areas of Science such as Engineering, Software, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals amongst others has led her to handle patent projects nationally and internationally and makes her the perennial favorite of all clients to cater to any Patent Assignment.

    • With this professional background, she has secured grant of multifarious patents for her clients, belonging to all walks of industry, be it grassroots innovators, students, professors, domestic inventors, MSME and those of multinational firms.

    • She has 17+ year of experience in IPR and also a member of various international bodies named AIPPI and APAA and regularly participates in their Annual Conferences held worldwide.

    • Recently, her firm Y. J. Trivedi & Co. has created a World Record in Filing Maximum Number of Patents in a single day under her able guidance and leadership.

  • Major discussion in the event:

    • Patent, a Techno-legal document, is a protection granted by the Government, giving an inventor the exclusive right to make, use and sell an invention, for a specified number of years.

    • Trademark is the term used to refer to a symbol, a color combination, sign, phrase, picture, or combination thereof, which is, and can be used, to identify and differentiate a product or service originating from a particular source, against one originating from another source.

    • Copyright is the exclusive and assignable legal right given to the originator, for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform etc.

    • Design Protection

      • Features of shape

      • Configuration

      • Pattern

      • Ornament or composition of lines or colors applied to any article

      • Two or three-dimensional form, or both

  • Takeaways: Students and Faculty members were able to understand:

    • The need to protect IPR

    • The importance of patent, types of innovations patentable

    • The Importance of Copyrights, Trademark and Design

  • Learning: Anything that is created out of a person’s intellect is Intellectual Property. Students and Faculty members were able to understand

    • It is your property!!!

    • To gain an edge in the business

    • To recover the costs

    • To continue to invest in the innovation/ improvement/maintenance of the property

    • To restrain counterfeiting


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