GSFC University Incubation, Innovation, Technology & Applied Research Centre (GUIITAR)

GSFC University Innovation, Incubation, Technology and Applied Research Centre (GUIITAR) is established as a cross-disciplinary training platform for students to innovate, incubate and work in applied research activities at GSFCU.

The research focus at GUIITAR is primarily on applied work with industry relevance. GUIITAR is mandated to engage in collaborative research with industry partners and public institutions on various issues of direct interest to the business community and to the society at large.

GUIITAR is a single point of access for industry and/or community partners who wish to engage in economically, socially and educationally relevant collaborative, applied research projects with our faculties and students.

Two Broad Agendas addressed through different sectors of Engineering & Technology, Sciences and Management, under the umbrella of GUIITAR:​

  • Applied Research Projects funded by Industries

  • Nurturing Potential Start-Ups by incubating to GSFC University’s Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC)


To nurture young minds by providing platform to explore and showcase their potential along with generation of high added value with a focus on innovation as well as marketing of technologies for the betterment of Scientific, Engineering, Science & Management Communities and the Society.



To produce success stories in innovations and start ups that will make the young minds confident, freestanding and financially viable


  • Develop an ecosystem to promote innovation and incubation based activities.

  • Educate, train, nurture the young minds in exploration of the opportunities and developing their own business model.

  • Promote participation in various tech fests, open challenges, start-up conclaves, business plan competition etc. among the innovators. 

  • Facilitate interaction such as Conferences, Seminars, Meetings etc. among the stakeholders.

  • Provide seed fund for the innovative projects of having potential exponential growth.

  • Nurture entrepreneurship in those people who have a passion for knowledge generation and mentoring.

  • Make entrepreneurially-driven communication initiatives recognized as vital for supporting the sustainability of indigenous enterprises.

  • Facilitate networking with professional resources, which include mentors, experts, consultants and advisors for the incubate companies


  • Clean/Green Energy Vehicles

  • Agro Drones

  • Solar Energy Harvesting

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Environmental Challenges & Solutions

  • Robotics & App based Social Solutions

  • Mobile & Information Technology

  • Cyber Security


GSFC University is recognized under the Gujarat Private University (Second Amendment) Act, 2014 and is established by the GSFC Education Society - an initiative of Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd.

Our educational abode dwells on the philosophy of "Buddhi Gyanen Shudhayanti”. It means purification of mind and intellect through knowledge, which is vital to human life.

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