GSFC University will always establish and run a curriculum that is contemporary, and suited to the needs of our key stakeholders. Our intent is to inculcate values that encourage the attitude of thinking on one’s own and applying one’s skills to solve problems. The ability to clearly understand and articulate the big picture is an essential element of our classroom delivery. Hands-on facilitation in the industry next door, along with classroom learning and application of knowledge through community projects involving real-life issues, will form the unique opportunities that benefit students and faculty. Recognizing the disparities among students in terms of knowledge and soft skills, the University will have appropriate interventions, tailored to meet the varying levels of need, so as to collectively learn and achieve the vision of the University.

GSFC University Student Handbook





The curriculum for the courses offered  is given below.

Syllabus of BBA 

Syllabus of BSC Chemical Science

Syllabus of BSC BioTechnology

Syllabus of BE. Chemical Engineering

Syllabus of BE. Mechanical Engineering

Syllabus of BE. Civil Engineering