Webinar on "Disaster Risk Management"

Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management (GIDM) organized an orientation session through webinar on Disaster Risk Management for the GSFC University faculty and Administrative staff on 12th April 2019. The webinar was conducted from GIDM Gandhinagar by Dr. Repaul Kanji, Research Scientist and Program Manager.

The aim of this training programme was to sensitize GSFC-U staff about disaster risk management. To understand the principles of disaster risk reduction and sustainable development, an absolutely holistic overview was given to the participants which would help them understand their role in disaster risk management. The audience were introduced to the Basics concepts of Disaster Risk Management and International Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The objectives of the Training were introducing:

a) Basics concepts of Disaster Risk Management (DRM)

b) Hazards of Gujarat

c) Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction principles

d) Incident Response System

e) Management of Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction


The GSFC-U staff gained an important insight into:

(a) Different categories of natural and man-made hazards Gujarat is prone to and

(b) Proper strategies to act upon during each type of event.


Understanding the relevance and critical importance of Disaster Risk Management, the management has decided to introduce a teaching module on this subject for the graduate and post-graduate students of GSFC-University from its next academic session.


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