Blood Donation Camp at GSFC University

GSFC LTD and Aarogyam club of the GSFC university students in association with SSG Hospital Vadodara organized a Blood Donation camp on 1st September 2018 at GSFC Medical Center, vadodara. The objective of the camp was to propagate the significance of blood donation to generate awareness and saving lives of poor patients who are in need of blood and thalassamic
children. The resource pool of students, faculty members and GSFC Ltd employees offer astrong count for blood donation.
The donors were scrutinized before the blood donation to ensure that the blood was collected from healthy donors. Every donor had to pass through the preliminary medical test including Hb,Blood Group, BP, weight etc. before donating the blood.


160 University students, faculties and GSFC ltd employees have donated blood in the camp, of which more than 50 individuals donated blood for the first time. The program continued for the whole day with full of enthusiasm.


By organizing the Camp, GSFC Medical Center and SSG Hospital, Vadodara have ensured availability of blood to the needy and thalassaemic children, and at the same time prevented the tragedy from happening in the lives of those tested. Overall during the day long camp 153 Units of blood were collected.


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