Our research-centric vision will be realized through the development of human capital with depth in their chosen areas of interest. Graduate programmes will be at the core of the University. Specific details on the areas will be finalized in the near future, in keeping with the culture that we intend to develop.


Students and faculty are central to our University. We strongly believe that these two groups depend on each other for their success. Therefore, our success as an institute of higher learning requires that the faculty succeeds in realizing its goals. With a culture that constantly questions the status quo and strives to innovate, our students and faculty will be abreast with the latest developments in their areas of interest.

Applied research, which will benefit industry, will be our target. To this end, the University has planned Centres of Excellence, each to be led by a carefully selected Chair. To encourage and provide a momentum to the young faculty, the University will award research grants and provide faculty-development programmes to ensure that they remain current in their chosen area of research, as well as educational trends.

The ever-changing demands of the industry will be a cornerstone of our strategy to translate our beliefs to reality. Sabbaticals will be highly encouraged to maintain the academic–industry connect and develop programmes that are a win-win for our graduate students, faculty and the research stakeholders.