As a Green Field University, we will be sharing our Compliance Status with various Statutory Bodies as they get established. The University is recognized under the Private University Act. The approvals received are:

  1. Recognition under the Gujarat Private University Act. Click here for details.
  2. Government of Gujarat's  notification Education department dated 05.10.17  approving  First Statutes of GSFC University. Click here for details
  3. We will adhere to the following statutory guidelines in our operations.
  4. Anti-ragging (
  5. Policy on Gender sensitive campus and redressal of gender related grievances  
  6. Complaints of caste discrimination by SC/ST students Click Here
  7. General Code of Conducts and Ethics 
  8. Office Order-GSFC and GSFC-U Joint Teams

Further adherence to Compliances will be updated as required.

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