Foundation of GSFC University

Gujarat has one of the lower seats in the field of Engineering when measured in per lakhs of student population. Current demographic data from around the country clearly establishes the need for not only the growth in the country’s higher education sector but also a specifically designed curriculum delivered in a manner that reduces the gap in the supply-demand-employability equation.

With focused deliberations on the state of education vis-à-vis industry demands, the GSFC University will focus on the four Cs—Culture, Curriculum, Collaborations and Campus. The University will be built on a culture of openness, which is participative and provides a platform for the two key stakeholders—students and faculty—to excel. The curriculum will include activities that promote social responsibility and civic engagement, and will be delivered in a blended-learning pedagogy. Forums connecting industry with academia, a students’ forum to foster dialogue beyond the campus, and internships tailored to the need of the students will engender collaborations. Sabbaticals and faculty development programmes involving external partners will be another facet of University-supported collaboration. Finally, the fourth C, the campus, is expected to enable deployment of e-tools with inspiring work environment and sustainability.

The GSFC University will initiate a fundamental change in the way academic institutions are established. Our purpose will be to train and develop human capital, as opposed to simply awarding degrees. We will continually measure our efforts and make changes as needed, to create thinking individuals, equipped to meet and exceed the ever-changing demands of the today’s marketplace.