Professor Piyush K Sinha Back

Professor Piyush Kumar Sinha will play the role of mentor for several of the university’s social entrepreneurship initiatives. He has three decades’ worth of academic and industry experience in marketing and retailing .He was the Dean of MICA and is currently at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, where he is the chairperson at the Centre for Retailing. He also teaches retailing and marketing management to post-graduate students and marketing management and consumer behaviour to doctoral candidates.

With more than 60 publications to his credit, including a book (Managing Retailing), Dr Sinha is one of the few people working in the area of qualitative research in marketing in India.

In addition, Dr Sinha also has experience in the corporate sector. He conducts training programmes in retailing, marketing and sales for senior managers, and has provided advice in the role of a consultant to firms in retailing, engineering, software, media, and petroleum.