Professor K. Ganesh Back

Professor Krishna N Ganesh is a double PhD holder with doctorates from Delhi University and Cambridge University, where he was a Commonwealth Fellow.

He joined the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CSIR) at Hyderabad in 1981 where he established India’s first modern micro-synthesis DNA facility, initiating a vigorous research programme to discover new motifs of DNA-protein interactions. He later moved to the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL-CSIR) where he became the Head of Organic Chemistry Division in 1994.

He was chosen as the First Director of the newly founded Indian Institute of Science Education and Research ( at Pune in 2006. Dr Ganesh has made excellent research contributions to the chemistry and biology of nucleic acids, focusing on therapeutic and diagnostic applications of DNA analogues, structural biology of collagen peptides and the emerging area of DNA nanotechnology. He is a Fellow of all three Science Academies in India and also a Fellow of Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS). He has received innumerable professional awards, the important ones being SS Bhatnagar award of Chemical sciences (CSIR) and TWAS Prizes for Chemical Sciences. He also served as President of Division of Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry of IUPAC (2012–2013).